For investors

We organize meetings with potential investors, communicate and cooperate with them promptly and actively (Presentation of business, investment environment, advantages of Alytus city, search of premises, land plots, provision of information etc.), participate in business exhibitions and missions, organize creation of publications, films (DVD), compact discs  (CD), communicate and cooperate  with various Lithuanian institutions and international organizations.

We will provide you information about advantages of the city, help you decide to start and develop a business here because Alytus is a right place to live, work and invest!

Why it is worth investing in Alytus?

  • For both foreign and local enterprises the plots of land located in industrial park as well as plots of land owned by the municipality, are leased by the municipality without holding an auction (Council Decision 03-12-2009 No. T-229). Engineering communications, such as water supply, sewerage, gas pipeline, communication pits, electrical networks are brought up to the boundaries of the plots of land located in industrial park.
  • The annual rental fee of the state-owned land plot to the company is only up to 1.6 percent of the value of the land plot based on the Land value maps for current year (Council Decision 28-05-2015 No. T-165 ). 
  • The real estate tax - 0.8 percent tax rate for real estate is applied for companies that meet the requirements of the Law on Small and Medium Business Development of the Republic of Lithuania: 0.9% for medium-sized companies, 0.65% for small businesses, 0.5% for natural persons engaged in economic-commercial activity, holding a business license or certificate of individual activity, and very small enterprises. (Council Decision 25-04-2018 No. T-128).
  • A company that has signed an investment contract with the municipality and undertakes to invest at least 724,050 Eur / ha in the construction and installation of buildings, shall be exempt from the land tax for two tax periods, starting with the tax period during which the building permit was obtained. Once the company has fulfilled its obligations, the company is exempt both from the land tax and from the real estate tax for three tax periods. And for the next 5 tax periods, these taxes are reduced by half. (Council Decision 27-05-2010 No. T-127 and 09-12-2010 No. T-242).
  • Large tax exemptions are applicable for small and medium–sized enterprises that are already operating and expanding their business in Alytus, micro-enterprises that have invested at least Eur 28, 962, small businesses that have invested at least Eur. 144.810 and medium-sized enterprises that have invested at least Eur 724, 050 in fixed assets and business development, are exempt from land tax or land rent for one tax period for the plot of land in which the investment is made and from the real estate tax on that plot of land in question, and these taxes shall be reduced by 50% for the next three tax periods. (Council Decision  13-08-2009 No. T-161).
Last updated: 05 12 2019